12 Sep 18

Jamyl Jarrus, Movida: Rent-a-Car as an option

When it comes to outsourcing your corporate car fleet, the option of shorter rent-a-car agreements are being offered by some companies as it gives more flexibility to our ever-changing world.

In part two of Global Fleet’s feature on Brazilian vehicle leasing and rental group Movida Participações, we speak with Jamyl Jarrus Junior who is commercial director for the company’s rent-a-car division. He manages approximately 60,000 cars distributed throughout Brazil.

Global Fleet: The concept of fleet outsourcing is fairly new for many companies in Brazil. Do you see the culture of renting or leasing out cars increasing in the country?

Jarrus: When I first got into the business about 18 years ago, fleet outsourcing only represented about 3-4% of the market and we are now at around 15%. Although the market has increased nearly five-fold since then, I’d have to say that I certainly see a lot of potential for new clients.

Actually, with some of the most mature markets in other countries outsourcing 70% or even more, we have a universe of opportunities.

Global Fleet: You represent the company’s short-term rental business. How competitive is the local market?

Jarrus: Well, the market is not as saturated here when comparing to some other countries. For instance, in the United States, the four big players really dominate the market, being Enterprise, Hertz, Budget, Avis, and Alamo. As it is a bit different here, I see that we have much more room to grow.

Nissan Sentra, one of the many rent-a-car options of Movida (Source: Movida)


Global Fleet: Growing your fleet sounds good for business. However, cars often get a bad rap due to the pollution they release into the air. What can be done to appease the “green” movement which seems to be growing in recent years?

Jarrus: One thing vehicle leasing and rental companies, as well as automakers, can do is to reduce CO2 emissions by planting trees. This is something we have been doing for approximately 10 years.

In collaboration with certified carbon reduction company SOS Mata Alântica [Atlantic Rainforest], Movida matches contributions made by car users who opt to donate to the cause under our carbon credit neutralizing program.

SOS Mata Atlantica calculates how many trees need to be planted depending on the type of car and engine being rented. The program is available for individuals as well as companies.

Global Fleet: Last but not least, what trend does Movida need to keep an eye on?

Jarrus: The automobile industry was different five years ago, and it will not be the same five years from now. In addition to cars, Movida needs to be ready to be providers of urban mobility as a whole, especially in large cities. This is something that will not happen tomorrow, but I do see this coming in the mid to long term.


Authored by: Daniel Bland