19 Nov 19

Marie-Stéphanie Le Ber, ALD Automotive: Dealing with the challenges in Peru

The Peru unit of international corporate mobility solutions company ALD Automotive, which has been in the country since 2016, has recently appointed its new CEO Marie-Stéphanie Le Ber.

In this brief interview, Ms. Le Ber sheds light on the local vehicle fleet market as well as some of the activities being accomplished by the company.

First of all, welcome to your new post. So, what are your goals next year?

Le Ber: In less than four years, ALD Automotive has been able to prove itself in the Peruvian market by growing in both fleet size and market recognition, and this is due to our commitment to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Next year, we intend to keep growing by promoting the benefits of full-service leasing (FSL) to companies seeking to optimize fleet operations. Moreover, we will continue to invest in our local platform, implementing new IT solutions and digital tools to further strengthen our products and services.

What is the profile of your fleet and how do you think it will change in 2020?

Le Ber: We currently have some 2,300 vehicles in our Peru fleet. Today, approximately two thirds of them are operational vehicles such as pickups and light commercial vehicles (LCVs), mostly stemming from the telecom in infrastructure related industries.

As we are currently focusing on executive fleets, our profile will evolve in the months to come, and we see ourselves working more in the pharmaceuticals and retail markets.

By diversifying our fleet and working closer to address customer needs, we will be able to develop innovative services to help new clients upgrade their fleet management practices, identify and generate savings, and build a variety of sustainable mobility solutions.

Are there any specific types of services you see lacking in Peru?

Le Ber: FSL has been offered in Peru for more than 15-years. However, there is still a lot of growth potential as market demand is only focused on a limited set of services.

There is also a lack of business consultancy and advisory assistance. For instance, services such as determining vehicle types based on usage and operations, identifying savings opportunities throughout the entirety of the contract, training drivers to be safer, and really understanding customer needs.

Although ALD is still quite new in Peru, I believe we are in a favourable position to promote these services today. The experience coming from our group coupled with the network of strategic partners we are building in Peru is giving us the proper leverage we need.

Vehicle safety regulations in Peru are not very high. How does this effect ALD’s business?

Le Ber: Although local safety standards may be less developed in Peru than other parts of the world, we know that safety is a key concern for our clients. As such, we are highly committed to promoting the best vehicles and equipment in fleets as well as encouraging the safest driving behaviour.

Some say that it is better to have vehicle recovery services (tracking device) than theft insurance. What do you think?

Le Ber: Lima, which is home to 60% of Peru's vehicle fleet, has high traffic density and can be ranked as having some of the worst driving conditions in the world. As such, I believe that vehicle insurance is an essential service.

Keep in mind that tracking devices only allows you to recover stolen vehicles, something that only represents 2% of insurance claims. Most claims are related to crashes, broken windows and auto parts theft.

What is the company doing in terms of innovation in Peru?

Le Ber: In terms of innovation, we are currently working on pushing e-mobility. With our strategic partners Engie renewables and Peugeot cars, we are proud to have launched our integrated electric vehicle (EV) solution.

Launched in September (2019), it involves using Peugeot Partner EV and solar powered rechargers by Engie. We are also keeping an eye on the growing trend of non-automobile solutions, especially when considering the specific traffic conditions of Lima.

ALD Automotive provides Peugeot Partner EV in partnership with Engie Renewables (source: Engie)

Authored by: Daniel Bland