13 Jan 22

Free2Move Car-on-Demand expanding in US

The Free2Move Car-on-Demand service of the Stellantis group is expanding in the United States, now (as of 2022) available throughout select cities in California.

With the current microchip crisis and the evolving mobility scenario, many consumers are veering away from long-term commitments and short-term car demand is on the rise.

Free2Move offers a flexible monthly subscription service for a flat monthly fee which is 100% digitally conducted. Besides offering cars from brands such as Jeep, Mercedes, and Tesla, the service includes insurance, maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance and free car delivery. 

Free2Move has been launched previously in the cities of Los Angeles, Washington DC, Portland, Denver, and Austin.

Photo: Free2Move provided Jeep Renegade (copyright: Free2Move)

Authored by: Daniel Bland