10 Jun 22

Holman invests in AmpUp to boost EV management services

Holman invests in AmpUp to boost EV management capacity

Global automotive services organization Holman has announced its investment in electric vehicle (EV) management software company AmpUp, a collaboration which will leverage both Holman’s fleet management services and AmpUp’s technology platform.

Through efficient monitoring and managing of EV charging infrastructure, AmpUp supports companies and fleet operators by simplifying charging schedules and optimizing energy consumption. And as its product suite is seen accelerating the push to EVs for a number of fleet operators, Holman is looking forward to being part of the company's continued growth. 

The collaboration of the US-based companies will involve aggregating charging information with vehicle operating data, reducing the risk of fragmented data, deterring fraud, and eliminating potential hurdles as fleet operators make the transition to EVs.

Authored by: Daniel Bland