14 Dec 21

Kyte offering door-to-door service amidst supply chain disruptions

US vehicle rental startup Kyte is offering an innovative door-to-door service aimed at helping the vehicle supply chain constraints caused by COVID-19 pandemic fallout and lacks in semiconductors

By booking a car on demand via its mobile app or website for as long as you want, the company is bypassing the shortage of rental cars by drawing cars from several sources, including fleet, leasing, traditional rental companies, and directly from auto manufacturers. 

Kyte does not rely on the brick-and-mortar stores of traditional car rental agencies. “We enable mobile bookings, online verification, payments and driver license verification, so we're not only improving the booking process, but also entirely skipping the process at the rental counter,” says co-founder Ludwig Schoenack.

Through Kyte, you select your desired pickup and drop-off windows and locations. Once booked, the company dispatches a delivery driver to deliver a clean, sanitized car at the time requested, and you take off on your trip. When you're ready, the car is picked up at your desired location, Mr. Schoenack explained in a Forbes interview.

Based out of San Francisco, Kyte is currently available in 11 locations throughout the US, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, among others. It also has a European office in Munich.

Authored by: Daniel Bland