1 Mar 22

10-minute video podcast with Georg Bauer, Autonomy

In this 10-minute video broadcast, Global Fleet editor Daniel bland has a few words with Georg Bauer who is co-founder of electric vehicle (EV) subscription-based platform Autonomy. Discover how Mr. Bauer sees the transition to EVs in the United States and find out a little more about how Autonomy is helping to make this a reality. Watch now! 

The final question (not featured in the podcast).

You are in California Georg, but could you tell me a little about the Autonomy expansion plan.  In which states can we soon expect Autonomy vehicles and when?

Bauer: First of all, California is a very big market which is quite EV friendly so we have a huge potential ahead of us there. Our subscription contract has cleared the regulatory hurdles in a number of additional states, so we are ready to roll out into other states in a step by step approach. However, we don't have a precise roadmap yet as it depends on the collaboration with automakers and partnerships we are developing right now. Model 3 is our launch EV but we are in the process of teaming up with other OEMs so that we can offer more EV models. I am talking about legacy OEMs as well as some of the other cool and hip startups such as Fisker, Lucid, and Rivian. I'd say that by the end of 2023, we'll probably be operating in three dozen or so US states.

To wrap up, I'd like to say that we are creating what we believe as the ultimate customer experience. We don't just create freedom, but a magical customer experience. It is as simple as shopping for your car anywhere, anytime. You download the mobile app, shop for a car, scan your drivers license, select your car, link a bank account or credit card, sign the contract with your finger on your phone, schedule a delivery in the app and you are done. We are condensing the traditional 3 to 4-hour process one could face at a dealership down to about 15 minutes. It is completely paperless and billed under an all-in-one monthly payment. It is a modern-day process which is fast, fun, transparent and easy to use. I see it as the future of mobility, the car-as-a-service.


Authored by: Daniel Bland