25 Apr 19

Enterprise announces new vehicle-subscription programme

Enterprise Holdings announced it is launching a new vehicle-subscription service next month.

“The name of the game in ground transportation today is more access, more flexibility and more convenience – whether it’s for an hour, a day, a week or longer,” said Randal Narike, Executive Vice President of Operations for Enterprise Holdings. 

“Our new vehicle-subscription service will offer consumers another innovative mobility alternative, without the long-term financial burden or commitment typically associated with traditional leases or purchases,” said Narike. With one monthly fee, customers will be able to subscribe and then select from six different vehicle classes – full-size and premium sedans, small and mid-sized SUVs, and small and medium trucks – representing more than 20 makes and models.  

Subscribers will also be able to swap out vehicles up to four times per month. In addition to greater access and flexibility, the new service will offer something many consumers are looking for today: a transportation option that includes extra conveniences like physical damage and liability coverage, maintenance, registration, roadside assistance and Sirius radio (when available). 

Enterprise Holding’s subscription programme is another example of how the company aims to play an integral role in the growing trend towards Mobility as a Service.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck