12 Mar 19

“Google-fast and Apple-easy”

Vehicle technology, data analytics, client service - just some of the fields the major North American fleet management companies are investing in. We asked ARI, Element Fleet Management and Wheels about their objectives for 2019.

ARI: technology and employee engagement

Mark Bryan, Executive Vice President and COO, ARI, said: “While our customers value our expertise,” he said, “they also desire a fleet experience that mirrors the ease of a typical retail transaction in their personal life. They want Google-fast and Apple-easy.” 

“Our goal is to make it easier to do business with us by reducing complexities to increase the speed and efficiency of our customers’ interaction with ARI.”

ARI has also expanded its business intelligence and analytics department (BI&A). 

“This group is dedicated to transforming data into actionable information and helping our customers better understand the why behind their fleet challenges, leading to more impactful solutions.”

Element: cost and satisfaction

Natalie Sievert, Managing Director, Global, Element Fleet Management, doesn’t see an end to the shift towards SUVs and crossovers and the subsequent reduction in sedan offerings from OEMs. “The latter has been tied to cost of fuel and the increased fuel efficiency of SUVs/crossovers, which has the added benefit of allowing drivers to switch to vehicles which tend to elicit greater driver satisfaction.”

Ms Sievert added that changes in lease accounting standards have resulted in more inquiries around ownership and reimbursement.

Wheels: client service and satisfaction

Ahsan Rahim, COO, Wheels says it is no surprise his company’s motto is that business moves better with Wheels. “We continue raising the bar on client service and client satisfaction and to continue to help our clients drive growth and improvement in their businesses.”

A large part of this mission is to help clients make sense of what the future of mobility will look like, added Mr Rahim. “We build out the solutions that will help our clients be successful in this future world.”

Image: traffic along 3rd Avenue in Manhattan, New York

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck