15 Jan 19

OjO brings peace in the scooter war 

Scooter maker OjO Electric LLC wants to gets things right in the e-scooter war. By teaming up with tech company Calamp, the scooters will be equipped with telematics technology and a wireless cloud platform, in order to provide real-time location, geo-fencing, mileage, battery usage and other diagnostics, making the scooters not only smart but safer as well. Moreover, geofencing could allow the company to create drop-off areas with penalties for misuse and rewards for riders who comply. 

OjO claims it is taking its business seriously and it does not consider the city as a playground, therefore, besides tech solutions the company works closely together with city governments as well, in order to bring peace in the scooter war and provide a real transit solution. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen