25 Jan 19

The promising symbiosis of micro- and autonomous mobility

Where autonomous and micro-mobility come together: meet Uber’s Micromobility Robotics. 

Although details are scarce, Techcrunch reports that Uber has announced a new division in which it will combine its technology for autonomous mobility with the technology for micromobility. According to the report, 3D Robotics CEO Christ Anderson has said that the symbiosis of the two promising new mobility technologies might offer a ground-breaking technology industry. Ubers’ shared bikes and scooters, managed in the JUMP division, are already equipped with smart features that improve safety, rider experience and operational efficiency, such as self-diagnostic capabilities and swappable batteries. 

Autonomous technology could tackle two of the main challenges of micromobility: parking and charging. Autonomous bikes and scooters could drive autonomously to dedicated charging and parking spots, and optimise the overall performance of the mobility system. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen