9 Jan 19

Parkbob adds new 'parking regulations' function

Austrian start-up Parkbob has teamed up with Amazon to launch a new functionality for Alexa-enabled devices at CES in Las Vegas.
The Parking Made Easy function enables drivers to ask Alexa how long they can stay in their current parking spot or the location of the next multi-storey car park. Customers must opt-in for Alexa to share their location data with the service through the Alexa app. Initially, this will be available in 13 of the largest cities in the United States, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beginning in the second quarter of 2019, some European locations will come on-stream too.

Parkbob CEO & founder, Christian Adelsberger explains: “By working with Amazon we have now reached the next milestone in our efforts to digitalize the ‘last mile’ of a car journey, namely finding a parking space. By using a combination of multiple open data sources we know with the highest level of precision which parking regulations apply where and can thus save drivers from unpleasant parking fines or even from having their vehicle towed away.”

By combining and digitally processing data from over 1,200 sources, such as open administrative data from local authorities, maps, satellite images, anonymous movement data from car-fleet navigation systems and parking space maps, Parkbob can accurately identify the parking regulations governing any given parking space (residents’ parking, loading area, short-term parking zones, etc.). This information is often unavailable to drivers at the moment.

Authored by: Tim Harrup