11 Apr 19

Hyundai opens third Innovation office in Berlin

Hyundai has expanded its innovation business with the opening of a third Hyundai Cradle office, this time in Berlin in Germany. The other two are in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv.


Hyundai Cradle is Hyundai Motor Group’s corporate venturing and open innovation business, which partners and invests in startups in the field of mobility services, smart cities, and eco-friendly technologies.


 “We are committed to working with different cities and countries all over Europe", said Edvin Eriksen, Head of Hyundai Cradle Berlin. « As a strategic investor, we are exploring disruptive tech and business ideas and are going to support European research and technology development at a regional level. With this in mind, we have already started some interesting partnerships in various European cities and will continue growing.”


To date, Cradle has partnered with several European ventures, accelerators and innovation platforms, like the Swiss startup WayRay, specialised in the the development of holographic augmented reality (AR) and the Startup Autobahn, an important innovation platform and plug and play centre focusing on hardware and software ideas around mobility.


Picture copyright: Hyundai Motor 

Authored by: Steven Schoefs