12 Jun 23

63% of Saudis ‘strongly’ considering EV purchase, survey says

63% of Saudis ‘strongly’ considering EV purchase, survey says

A survey conducted for General Motors reveals 70% of respondents in the UAE and 63% in Saudi Arabia are ‘strongly’ considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) in the future.

GM’s survey explored EV awareness, projected cost savings linked to EVs, available EV model options, and charging infrastructure. Some key results:

  • 95% of Emiratis and 93% of Saudis were aware of all-electric vehicles, a result that was consistent across age groups and gender differences in both countries.
  • 70% of Emiratis and 63% of Saudis expressed a strong consideration for buying an EV in the future. 
  • 64% of Emiratis said high fuel costs and environmental concerns were major incentives to switch to EVs. 
  • 61% of Saudis mentioned high fuel costs and greater availability of cheaper EV models as their main nudges towards EVs. 
  • However, with the ideal range for Emiratis surveyed at 325 km and for Saudis at 360 km, the survey indicated that range anxiety may be an issue. 
  • Only 38% of Emiratis knew at least one EV charging station located conveniently nearby. In Saudi Arabia, 40% were aware of a charging station, but only 17% said it was conveniently located near home or work. 

The positive and growing appreciation for EVs in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia aligns with the global trend, GM said in a statement, referring to projected EV market growth from $10 billion in 2023 worldwide to around $90 billion in 2030; but also reflects the carbon-neutral strategies adopted by both the Saudi and Emirati governments. 

“The rising positive sentiment towards EVs brought to light by this survey is promising,”, says Jack Uppal, GM Africa & Middle East President and Managing Director. “The increase in volume and variety of EV options we anticipate bringing to market will respond to the shift in consumer awareness and consideration (of EVs).”

Image : Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs