26 Mar 24

Green Hydrogen and Beyond: Hyundai's Vision for a Sustainable Future

Strengthening ties with Africa and the Middle East, Seoul-based Hyundai Motor Group has solidified its international eco-friendly ambitions, particularly regarding battery electric and green hydrogen vehicles, that aim to develop sustainable mobility further. 

Commercialising green hydrogen and promoting industrialisation in Africa

Firstly, it co-hosted a 2024 Korea-Africa Business Forum in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Structural Transformation (CSST) at SOAS University of London and the Korea-Africa Foundation. It discussed how Korean and African stakeholders can work as strategic partners for sustainable development amidst ongoing geopolitical uncertainty.

“Africa holds immense potential for strong partnerships and sustainable development,” said Ken Kim, Executive Vice President of HMG Business Intelligence Institute. “Through this forum, we have set the stage for cooperation between South Korea and African nations and facilitated a fruitful discussion on how to make Korea a truly forward-looking partner for Africa.”

Distinguished participants included ambassadors and embassy officials from 9 African countries. A closed session in the morning of the forum explored a multi-pronged action plan for Korea-Africa economic cooperation. In the afternoon, an open session considered private-sector cooperation in green hydrogen, critical minerals, digitalisation and supply cooperation. South African green hydrogen commercialisation, investments in alternative energies, Africa’s digitalisation progress and its importance for sustainable industrialisation were also discussed.

Boosting the Saudi Arabian Kingdom's Vision 2030 strategy 

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Hyundai Motor Group and Red Sea Global (RSG) are collaborating to deploy eco-friendly mobility solutions in RSG’s luxury resorts in Saudi Arabia and exploring opportunities to implement innovative future mobility solutions. 

Dongkun Lee, Head of Future Growth Strategy at Hyundai Motor Group, and John Pagano, Group CEO of RSG, attended a ceremony at RSG Headquarters in Riyadh on March 24th and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deploy Hyundai’s eco-friendly mobility solutions, such as battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

“This partnership signifies our shared commitment to a sustainable and innovative mobility future for humanity,” said Dongkun Lee. “We will accelerate the validations and explore more long-term goals to build a greener and smarter ecosystem in the region.”

“Hyundai Motor Group is a world leader in sustainable and luxury mobility. By working together and integrating its cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly mobility solutions into our destinations, we have the opportunity to continue setting new benchmarks in carbon-neutral operations while exceeding our guests’ expectations for style, comfort, and environmental responsibility,” said John Pagano.

Engaging in strategic collaborations and forums in Africa and the Middle East, Hyundai Motor Group has intensified its efforts to promote eco-friendly mobility, notably through battery electric and green hydrogen vehicles. Time will tell if does aid Africa’s need for sustainable economic growth, particularly in the automotive sector. 

Main image: (From left in the bottom row) Kim Dong-wook, Vice President of the strategic planning office of Hyundai Motor Group, Director of the Atomic Energy and Radiation Safety Administration of Morocco, Director of the Atomic Energy and Radiation Safety Administration of Morocco, President of the University of the United Nations (UN), Shilidhi Mawala, former Minister of Industry in South Africa Rob Davies, former Professor of Economics in South Africa and Director of the CSST, Chang Ha-joon, Director of the Korea-Africa Foundation, Chairman Yeo Woon-ki, Director of the Korea-Africa Foundation, Kim Gyeon, Director of HMG Management Research Institute, Hyundai Motor Group Adviser Sung Kim, Director of SOAS CSST, Antonio Andreoni, Director of SOAS Industrial Development Corporation, Joan Beit, Chief Operating Officer of South African Industrial Development Corporation, and (from left in the top row) Lee Bo-sung, Managing Director of the Economic and Industrial Research Center at Hyundai Motor Group, Kim Heung-soo, Vice President of GSO at Hyundai Motor Group, Kim Il-beom, Hong Soon-young, vice president of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, Marit Quito, director of the Africa Mineral Development Center, and Park Sung-kyu, managing director of Hyundai Motor Group, take a commemorative photo [Photo provided = Hyundai Motor Group]

In-article image: (From left to right) John Pagano, Group CEO of RSG and Dongkun Lee, Head of Future Growth Strategy at Hyundai Motor Group

Authored by: Alison Pittaway