6 Nov 19

TMS 19: Mazda electric MX-30

Several interesting topics with regards to Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, not at the least the location that the Hiroshima based car manufacturer has choses: right across from Lexus. The modern, sleek, even luxurious design of the Mazda booth suggested that the manufacturer is manifesting itself as a more high-end OEM than most of its direct competitors.

Mazda is also electrifying, as testifies its new concept MX-30. It’s a good-looking compact cross-over with suicide – sorry, “freestyle doors”, a bicolor body and a cool set of front and rear lights. The interior is classic, almost European, and uses recyclable materials. A classic dash and 2 big screens, as well as ample storing space, make the car a good place to be for its driver.

Mazda did not share much technical info about the MX-30, nor was the release date communicated.

Authored by: Yves Helven