17 Apr 19

The EV survivor NIO teases with new sedan

Unlike its equally hip competitors Byton and Faraday, NIO has actually managed to produce vehicles. Its ES8 EV Crossover is available since June 2018 and the smaller ES6 will start deliveries in June this year. NIO has been smart enough to reach out to Chinese car manufacturer JAC to produce its cars, rather than having to look for funding and gaining expertise to produce vehicles by themselves. 

Sales are going reasonably well for a start-up: over 15,000 units have already been ordered, but the objective is to deliver 8,000 vehicles per month. JAC has a capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year.

NIO’s reputation is being under fire due to a pending class-action from shareholders in the U.S., based on the presumption the NIO mislead investors. NIO should have disclosed that the rollback in governmental subsidies could affect sales (!). Also, the shareholders are not happy with NIO’s decision to have the vehicles produced by JAC, rather than building its own plant, which was the intention when NIO showed its first prototype to the public.

NIO is now showcasing its first sedan, the ET, a 4 door Model S lookalike. Like the other NIO models, the ET has swappable batteries and a bobble-headed digital assistant on the dash.

Authored by: Yves Helven