2 Jul 19

First Thai EV is cheaper than a Nissan Leaf

Energy Absolute, the second-largest Thai electricity provider, unveiled the Mine Mobility SPA1, the first electric car made in Thailand at this year’s Bangkok Motor Show.

The Mine Mobility SPA1 will be priced at around $38,000, cheaper than a comparable Nissan Leaf or a Kia Soul. The company claims it has a range of around 200km.

A group of five taxi companies from Bangkok has already ordered 3,500 cars. According to Bloomberg, the delivery date was crucial in obtaining the order.

In addition to producing the first Thai electric car, Energy Absolute is also planning to install 700 charging stations by 2020.

High EV prices and the popularity of two-wheelers mean EVs still have to take off in Thailand. Backed by billionaire Somphote Ahunai, Mine Mobility could be an important step in getting there. Government incentives could provide an additional boost, as Thai leaders are keen to tackle Bangkok’s air pollution and strengthen the country’s car industry.

Image: the Mine Mobility SPA1

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck