21 Feb 19

Toyota Australia Targeted by Cyber-Attack.

Toyota Australia has confirmed this morning that it has been targeted by a cyber-attack from an unknown source.

The company advised this morning that “the threat is being managed by our IT department who is working closely with international cyber security experts to get systems up and running again.”

The attack comes only a week after the Australian Parliament was targeted by a “sophisticated state actor”, with rumours alleging that China is the likely culprit.

The Sydney Morning Herald was reporting this morning that Professor Matt Warren, deputy director of Deakin University’s Centre for Cyber Security Research, considered that Toyota may be required to pay compensation is customer data has been accessed, however Toyota’s announcement advised that “at this stage, we believe no private employee or customer data has been accessed.”

Sources close to the matter say that Toyota Finance is unaffected by the attack..

Authored by Shane Curran