6 Dec 18

BMW is European EV leader - if you include PHEVs

BMW has published 2018 YTD registration figures provided by IHS Markit showing that it is the indisputable EV leader in Europe. Importantly, "EV" in this infographic is not limited to electric vehicles, but also includes plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Without these PHEVs, Tesla (Model S, Model X), Nissan (Leaf, e-NV200) and Renault (Zoé, Kangoo ZE) still outsell BMW on the Old Continent.


On a global level, BYD and Tesla remain the biggest EV sellers, each taking 11% of the market. BMW comes in third - again, if you include PHEVs. The Bavarian brand currently has one purely electric car in its range, the i3. All other electrified models are plug-ins: 225xe Active Tourer, X1 25Le (China-only), 530e, 730e, i8 and i8 roadster, plus the Mini Countryman Cooper S-E Hybrid.

Waiting until 2020 for extra E

BMW will be adding an all-electric Mini to its ranks in late 2019, but the real e-offensive will commence in 2020. That is when the iX3 will start rivalling the Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace. Remarkably, it seems that the Tesla Model 3 won't have to fear any Bavarian competition before 2021.

It goes to show that BMW mainly focuses on its plug-in range in the coming years rather than its purely electric models. The new 330e will offer a better e-range when it arrives in about a year's time. The same goes for the X5 xDrive 45e, which integrates a bigger battery than the X5 40e it replaces.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier