3 Oct 18

Renault gives in to hybrid after all

A decade ago, Renault-Nissan stated that electric is the future and hybrid an unnecessary in-between step. The Alliance now seems to retrace its steps.

Two years ago, the Mégane and Scénic already received a belt-driven starter-generator and a small 48-volt battery to become mild hybrids. However, this is more a solution to drive down fuel consumption by assisting the ICE than a true hybrid – the electric motor is too small to power the car by itself.

On the occasion of the Paris Motor Show, the Alliance announced that the next-generation Clio will have a full-hybrid powertrain. The Captur and Mégane will even be available as plug-in hybrids as from 2020.

The acquisition of Mitsubishi could have something to do with it: the Japanese brand is an expert in PHEV technology.



Authored by: Dieter Quartier