5 Jan 22

CES 2022: Sony reveals SUV-type prototype

Sony VISION-S 02.

After announcing the VISION-S initiative at CES 2020, Sony revealed an SUV-type prototype vehicle, VISION-S 02, as the continuing contribution to mobility. 

Sharing the same EV/cloud platform as VISION-S 01, the new 7-seater SUV comes with a larger interior space with improved entertainment features to offer comfort for various lifestyles to meet the increasingly diversifying values of consumers. 

The vehicle analyzes the 360-degree surrounding environment through sensors and LIDAR technology in 3D space. Sony is also ongoing functional verification tests in Europe towards the release of Level 2+ advanced driver systems (ADAS) on public roads. 

Sony wants to thrive in mobility

The new technologies of VISION-S 02 include Time-of-Flight (ToF) for monitoring over driver authentication and passengers, Over-the-Air (OTA) to update software features and remote operation for autonomous purposes, which is being tested through the telematics system installed in VISION-S 01. 

Sony will establish "Sony Mobility Inc."  in Spring 2022 to further accelerate the evolution in mobility. 

Photo of VISION-S 02, courtesy of Sony. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen