10 May 18

An effective vehicle fleet puts people first

Effective fleet vehicles are ones that looks after people in the best possible way, fleet management expert Kay Saunders told Global Fleet in an interview.

When managing your vehicles, its not only about saving money, according to Saunders who is the global fleet development manager for Volvo Car Group.

“Make sure that the type of vehicles you use are suitable tools for your business, especially if your work revolves around the use of the vehicles. Moreover, focus must be put on taking care of your employees as well as the people impacted by your company,” said Saunders.

When considering TCO, remember that reducing accidents also saves money. According to the UK’s Driving for Better Business website, avoiding accidents can reduce fleet operational costs by up to eight times.  

Volvo Cars, under its Vision 2020 goal, wants to reduce the number of people who die or are seriously injured in a traffic accident to zero.


Authored by: Daniel Bland