12 Oct 22

GM launches energy management arm, competes with Tesla

GM launches energy management arm, competes with Tesla

General Motors plans to offer energy storage and management services to residential and commercial customers through its new energy arm GM Energy, starting in 2023.

GM Energy is the coming together of Ultium Home and Ultium Commercial under the umbrella of Ultium Charge 360 public charging services, offering stationary storage batteries, as well as solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells.

Head-to-head with Tesla

With the new energy arm, GM will be in greater competition with Tesla which already has a seven-year-old energy generation and storage business which includes solar panels and stationary batteries.

The Ultium Home service will offer stationary wall boxes while the commercial service will offer larger stationary storage units as well as microgrids connected to hydrogen fuel cells developed by GM. Commercial clients will be able to sell energy back to utilities during peak power consumption periods.

Moreover, GM’s Silverado EV will have bi-directional capability, meaning that it will be able to feed electricity back into the home during a power outage.

Lastly, to provide customers with solar panels to enhance energy generation, GM will be teaming with SunPower Corp.

Authored by: Daniel Bland