19 May 22

Honda previews its first all-electric SUV Prologue

Honda previews its first all-electric SUV Prologue

Honda has released a sketch of the Prologue, its first all-electric SUV for the US. The car is set for launch in 2024 and is developed and built upon underpinnings supplied by General Motors.

The released picture shows the definite version styled in the carmaker’s Californian design studio; a concept version has preceded the drawing. It’s the first Honda sculpted primarily by virtual reality, which must result in improved aerodynamics and better range.

The Honda Prologue will be built around General Motor’s dedicated Ultium battery platform in the US. Presumably, this entails an energy content of 100 kWh, making a range possible of 300 miles. In addition, a second SUV with similar tech will join the Prologue.

Renewed dealerships

Honda and GM have a partnership on EV development and autonomous driving. Together they want to launch a series of affordable EVs in 2027. Simultaneously, Honda is also developing its propriety e:Architecture, which will debut one year earlier in 2026.     

The Prologue will kickstart Honda’s new EV strategy leading to 30 BEVs by 2030 or sales of around 2 million units, roughly half of the manufacturer’s annual output.

Honda says it is also rolling out a tiered approach to transform the dealer network for the electric switchover. Depending on local BEV sales criteria, they will be required to install charging stations and revise their tooling. A new shop design must brace for the new era of the BEV shopping experience.

Image source: Honda

Authored by: Piet Andries