19 Nov 21

Huawei enters the EV industry with the launch of Avatr Technology

Avatr 11.

Huawei, Changan Automobile and lithium-ion battery producer CATL have launched the newest entrant of China's EV industry dubbed Avatr Technology. 

Avatr has been formed as a joint venture of Changan Automobile and CATL. The two companies have now established a joint venture with Huawei to provide the technology needed in the Avatr brand EV cars. 

Huawei announced in April that it would invest $1 billion into EVs and autonomous car technologies. Huawei aims to benefit from the growing Chinese smart car market by providing technology for EVs. Huawei also rivalled Xiaomi by entering the EV market, which announced a $10 billion investment into EVs for the next ten years.  

Avatr 11 has been introduced as the automaker's first model, representing an SUV EV with a modern design. 

While information about the specifics of Avatr is scarce, it's been reported that the EV can reach 700 km with a full charge. 

Photo of Avatr 11, courtesy of Avatr.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen