3 Sep 21

Lotus goes EV with four electric models

Speciality automaker Lotus revealed plans for four new EV models, to be built under the Vision80 plan. Lotus also announced its new subsidiary called Lotus Technology, based in Wuhan, China.

Following the announcement of the fully electric Evija hypercar and setting the 2022 Emira to be its last new model to have a combustion engine, Lotus has released news about four electric models. Being developed under the Vision80 plan, representing the 80th anniversary of the carmaker in 2028, the four models include two SUVs (one large and one smaller), one coupe-sedan and a sports car.

Based on Lotus Premium Architecture, the new SUVs and the coupe-sedan will have a power range of 92 kWh to 120 kWh and support 800 volt systems. SUVs and the coupe-sedan will be produced at Lotus's Wuhan plant, which is to be completed later this year. The annual production rate of the plant is expected to be around 150.000.
The larger SUV and the coupe-sedan is expected in 2023, while the smaller SUV will be rolled out in 2024. The EV sports car of Lotus is to be produced in the UK and arrive in 2026.

Lotus, which is getting closer to an EV collaboration with Renault, will also be receiving investment from Chinese EV manufacturer Nio.

Author: Müfit Yilmaz Gökmen
Copyright: Lotus, 2021.