21 Feb 18

Nexo marks next eco-step for Hyundai

Hyundai has announced the next step in its plans to introduce 38 eco-cars by 2025 and to market Level 4 autonomy by 2021.

The new Hyundai Nexo fuel cell vehicle, a crossover design,  combines futuristic fuel cell technology to next-generation autonomous-driving systems in, as Automotive News China says, a rolling showcase that aims to quash any notion the South Korean automaker is a straggler.


The zero-emission hydrogen-powered drivetrain, which has just been revealed in South Korea, delivers what Hyundai says is the world’s best fuel cell driving range. The autonomous-driving features, Automotive News China goes on to say,  include a new blind-spot detection system – which Hyundai says is the first of its kind – as well as the automaker’s first application of an auto-steering lane-keep assist.


The Nexo will go on sale in South Korea later this month and then come to Europe towards the end of the first half of this year and the U.S. later this year.


To demonstrate the self-driving capabilities of this new car, earlier this month, some Nexos drove themselves from Seoul to Pyeongchang, host city of the winter games, some 118 miles away. Hyundai says that this is the first time such sophisticated autonomy has been demonstrated using a fuel cell powertrain.

(Image: Hyundai)

Authored by: Tim Harrup