26 Nov 21

NIO and Shell join forces to build charging stations in Europe and China


Chinese EV manufacturer NIO has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shell to build a global EV infrastructure. It follows the car company's break into the European car market in Norway in September 2021, alongside announcing details of an ambitious global strategy.  

Shell also aims to boost its plans to become one of the leading global charging service providers through partnerships. The cooperation plan includes building 100 battery swapping stations in China by 2025 and opening a pilot station in Europe in 2022. NIO customers will also have access to Shell's charging stations across Europe. 

Additionally, NIO and Shell seek to colloboratively invest in several areas of the EV and energy industry, such as battery asset management, home charging services and advanced battery charging. Alongside swapping stations, the two companies plan to build charging stations in China. 

Road to faster decarbonisation 

NIO and Shell define their alliance as supporting their strategic development as helping the evolution of global EV industry. NIO's desire is to provide high-speed charging services and a better EV experience to customers in Europe and China, while Shell is eager to hasten the energy transition to support global sustainable development.  

Shell also expects to face the decarbonisation challenge more effectively by expanding global EV solutions with NIO. 

Photo of NIO ES8, courtesy of NIO.


Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen