17 Jun 22

Sony and Honda to form a joint EV company

Sony and Honda to form a joint EV company

Sony and Honda, which revealed the name of their joint EV partnership as Sony Honda Mobility at the beginning of this year, have signed a joint venture agreement to establish the company. 

Sony Honda Mobility will be launched this year, aiming to roll out their first EV in 2025. The company will also be offering mobility services through Sony Mobility, which was also announced in January. Sony also released the images of its two EV concepts, the VISION-S EV and Vision-S 02 SUV. 

By combining its automotive industry experience with Sony's software expertise, Honda says the new company will focus on creating a new generation of mobility and services aligned with users and the environment. Details of the planned Sony Honda Mobility EV are not yet known, along with the platform it will be built in. 

The partnership accelerates Honda's EV market aims; the company announced plans to transform all of its models to EVs and fuel-cell vehicles last year. In April, the Japanese giant announced a deal with General Motors (GM) to produce affordable EVs, revealing its plans to release 30 models by 2030

Image of Sony Vision S-01, courtesy of Sony.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen