14 Feb 22

Toyota launches new car-sharing platform in Australia

Toyota launches new car-sharing platform in Australia

Dubbed ForceField Share, the new car-share platform introduced by Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) aims to help businesses in Australia better manage and optimise their fleets. 

The need is reinforced during the pandemic as many personnel return to in-house locations, creating a variety of in-vehicle demands. Fleets can better manage shared vehicles through ForceField Share's cloud-based scheduling, booking and reporting capability. The platform also enables other assets, including machinery and equipment to be managed. 

TFM describes the solution as a promising platform for fleets to improve productivity and reduce administrative and fleet costs. 

Manages up to 5,000 cars 

ForceField enables fleet managers to optimise the use of assets and maintenance needs while allowing users to make and manage bookings via browser or iOS and Android apps. 

The centralised cloud-based system was developed in collaboration with TFM's technology partner PROCON Telematics, supported by TFM's Connected Mobility team. 

Fleet customers can manage fleets with a size ranging between five to 5,000 cars on the end-to-end mobility platform. ForceField will be continuously improved with new features and functionality, according to TFM. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen