5 Mar 24

The rise and rise of the $25,000 EV

Forget large, expensive e-SUVs. The magic amount is $25,000. Experts say that electrification will really take off once EV models priced at or lower than that amount (approximately €23,000) become widely available. And that’s happening right now, reports CleanTechnica, which provides a few interesting examples.

BYD Dolphin Mini

In China it’s called the BYD Seagull, but abroad it’s been renamed the Dolphin Mini, perhaps to spark some name recognition with the BYD Dolphin. While that large hatchback sells well from well over $25,000, the Dolphin Mini is being offered on markets across the world at significantly less. 

For example, the Dolphin Mini 30 kWh version will set you back around $20,000 in Brazil, $21,000 in Mexico and $22,000 in Uruguay, giving you a range of 305 km (190 miles). The 38 kWh (‘Mini Plus’) version gives a range of 405 km (252 miles), for around $23,000 in Brazil and Mexico, and $24,000 in Uruguay. 

The Dolphin Mini has also been launched in markets across Africa and the Middle East, including Jordan and Rwanda. 

Dacia Spring

Europe (and the UK) will soon see the launch of the updated Dacia Spring. The model, hitting markets later this year, will retail €22,700. The company calls it “a perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable, and efficienet zero-emission mobility.”

Telematics data collected from the previous version of the Dacia Spring shows its average daily trip is 37 km long, and the average speed is 27 km/h. In 75% of cases, the Spring is recharged at home. 

Tesla and Renault

Major brands are wising up to the trend. Tesla, for example, has confirmed that it is working on a Compact EV, to be launched in late 2025 at a price of around $28,000… slightly above the magic amount, but still a lot cheaper than the Model 3, Tesla’s current cheapest model, retailing at around $40,000. 

And then there’s the new, all-electric Renault 5 E-Tech (pictured). Launched at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the R5 will retail from €25,000 (about $27,000) in France – again, just north of that ‘magic’ affordability limit, but still way cheaper that immediate rivals like the MINI Electric. The new electric R5 is expected on the market in early 2025. 

Image: Matti Blume, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

Authored by: Frank Jacobs