13 Nov 18

Volvo - Designed for business

At Volvo Cars, we innovate for people and their mobility. Every car, every technology, every service and every design is the result of our passion to make life easier and better for our customers. This also allows us to help solve some of the challenges of modern business life, making it more productive and more sustainable.

For example, we have a vision that 50% of the cars we build will be fully electric by 2025. And within the area of connectivity and ownership, our vision is that by 2025 every new Volvo will give back one week’s time per year thanks to its connected services. This also includes high-tech mobil¬ity solutions that reduce downtime, distractions and all the downsides of traditional fleet ownership.

As a leader within innovative safety, we also have a progressive vision for the future of safety. We believe that, by 2020, no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo car. And within the area of autonomous drive, we aim for nothing but the best possible, safe and comfortable experience.
Collectively, this is what drives us forward as a company and this is why we're investing in the future, a future that gives you and your business the freedom to move – in a personal, sustainable and safe way. Here’s what our people have to say about it:
“Volvo captures the essence of people’s daily lifestyle and a package of everything that a customer can ask for, be it design, safety, practicality, performance, comfort, environment friendly to the earth.“ Wendy Tan– Volvo Car Malaysia

“Volvo Cars puts people at the heart of everything we do. It was this core value that spoke to my heart, and I knew Volvo was a brand I would be extremely proud to work for. Our beautifully designed cars and the enormous fleet and corporate opportunity here in Australia also motivated me to pursue this opportunity. With an all-new fleet Programme, I’m confident 2019 will be a successful year for Fleet and Corporate Sales in Australia.” Jodi Elton – Volvo Car Australia

“Volvo always cares for something that you could not find in the other car maker.” Somchai Mahatchawaroj- Volvo Car Thailand

“I admired the Volvo Cars Purpose, Mission and Brand Story. Everything we do starts with people. We understand people. We protect what’s important to them and want to make them feel special. Volvo is a brand for people who want to show that they care, not only about themselves, but also about the society around them. This is very clearly why I want to work for Volvo and customers want to drive Volvo.”
Jangwook Lee – Volvo Car Korea. 

Personal, sustainable and safe mobility for your business
We have fleet contacts across Asia Pacific. So whatever your query, there is a dedicated source of information from someone who understands the market where you are.

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