26 Feb 19

Heidi DiAngelo, Geotab: "Not only are we aggregating data, we are demystifying it"

Heidi DiAngelo joined global IoT and connected transportation leader, Geotab, last October as the company’s Global Account Manager. She had previously worked in international business with fleet management companies Element Fleet Management and LeasePlan in the United States. Throughout her professional career, dominated by international fleet management, Heidi has gained interest in technology and telematics. So, her move to Geotab is not at all surprising.

“My new role at Geotab focuses on assisting international companies as they deploy connectivity strategies across multiple countries and regions. This is significant because vehicle data aggregation, increased productivity, safety and savings are key topics that global fleet managers and procurement experts focus on when they’re developing their fleet program."

What is your new job all about?
Overall, I have three main focuses. First, as a Global Account Manager, I help guide Geotab customers through international deployment. I also support partners in developing international connectivity solutions which best reflect their unique value add propositions. Finally, I am working within the Geotab Global Team to further support our international strategy. Basically, the perfect job for me!

Why did you join Geotab?
I have been familiar with Geotab since 2004 when I began my own journey in fleet management.  The company is young and growing rapidly at a global level -  around 40% year over year.  Geotab is not only a telematics solution;  while we have software and hardware that are second to none, we also offer more. Big data, unparalleled security, Smart Cities and connecting partners for expandability are all focuses at Geotab.  Not only are we aggregating the data, we are demystifying it. These are also key topics in the fleet world, so I am excited to be a part of the Geotab team.

In the industry, many companies are sceptical about telematics. What is your answer to them?
I think it’s only a matter of time. In fact, it has already changed a great deal since 2004. Just this last year Geotab launched “privacy mode” which allows employees who are off-duty to drive “unseen.” And hey, I “eat my own dog food,” which is to say I have a telematics device in my own personal vehicle. The goal is to better understand not only how we are driving, but also to be aware of vehicle diagnostics. Both promote increased safety and productivity, which are important goals for every fleet and driver.

Do you think that emerging trends such as MaaS and electric mobility will make telematics even more important?
Absolutely, they already are!

More about these topics can be discovered at the Connected Fleets Conference in Brussels, on 15 and 16 May; and at the Global Fleet Conference in Miami, from 4 to 6 June. Geotab is partner for both conferences. 


Authored by: Steven Schoefs