12 Dec 22

Are pickups more popular in Latin America or North America?

For the most part, pickups are less popular in Latin America than their North America counterparts (United States and Canada) but these vehicles certainly have traction in the market, especially for commercial fleets down south in Argentina and Brazil.

Before talking about the most popular standard pickups in Latin America, we cannot go without highlighting compact pickups in the region’s largest vehicle market, Brazil.

Both the Fiat Strada and the slightly larger Fiat Toro are very popular in the country, holding the top two spots in terms of pickup sales in 2021, according to Wikifleet Brazil.

2022 Fiat Toro (courtesy of Fiat)

In terms of standard pickups, Toyota Hilux (known as the Tacoma in North America) rules the roost in Latin America. It is the second most popular in Mexico, the most popular in Brazil, and it certainly takes the cake in Argentina as it is popular in both the commercial and non-commercial markets. 

2022 Toyota Hilux (courtesy of Toyota)

Another model worth mentioning in the region is the Nissan Frontier, also known as the NP300, which leads the pickup market in Mexico as well as Colombia.

Finally, let’s not forget the Volkswagen Amarok which is popular in Argentina and Mexico, the Chevrolet S10 in Brazil, and the Ford Ranger in Argentina, according to their Wikifleet pages.


When it comes to pickups, Argentina is the only country that challenges North America where more than one and five vehicles registered per year are pickups.

Much of their popularity is attributed to the agriculture industry but also due to less tax burden in the market as many models are produced in the country. 

Among the models manufactured in Argentina are the Hilux, Amarok, and Ranger, and most recently, Ford F-150. The F-series dominates as the best-selling vehicle in the United States.

2023 Ford F150 (courtesy of Ford) 

To get a better idea of the vehicle fleet market in countries throughout Latin America and other regions of the world, visit Global Fleet's Wikifleet pages, a free collaborative encyclopedia about car fleet management, mobility, and more around the world.

Authored by: Daniel Bland