16 May 22

Argentina US$18,000 delivery EV round corner

Tita electric LCV coming to Argentina

Based out of San Luis Argentina, electric battery manufacturer Coradir has started the pre-sale of its light commercial vehicle (LCV) Tita with deliveries in the country expected by year-end 2022.

With a lifting cargo bed and removable railings, the truck is made for short distance deliveries in cities where tight spaces may be faced. While the vehicle is 3.7m long, 1.37m wide, and 1.72m high, its cargo bed is 2m x 1.37m x 350mm, local media reported.

“Starting in May, there will be 60 of them on the market at a price of approximately US$18,000 (or just over 2 million Argentine pesos),” says the company’s president Juan Manuel Bareto.

Equipped with an 8kWh battery putting out 4kw of power, the Tita has a range of 100km, a top speed of 45km/h, a load capacity of 500k, a gearbox that drives like an automatic, and a 5-year guarantee.

Its operating cost is 10 time cheaper than fuel, according to the creators, being $24.40 for every 100 km of travel considering an average electricity price of US$3.05 per kWh. When fully discharged, the battery is recharged in 6-8 hours by connecting to a standard 220V outlet, the reports said.

It is slightly smaller than the Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada and its rivals are said to be models made by Sero Electric and Volt Motors. Reservations can be made online from the company’s website.

Authored by: Daniel Bland