27 Mar 21

Brazil automakers shut down amidst Pandemic woes

At least six automakers and two truck manufacturers are temporarily shutting down operations in Brazil to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus and any complications they could face in their operations.

The close downs started with Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz which halted operations on 24 March and 25 March respectively.  Volkswagen intends to return on 5 April and Mercedes-Benz on 6 April.

Nissan followed thereafter, closing down on Friday (26 March) and with plans to return back to normal on 12 April. Meanwhile, Toyota and Renault plan to shut down on Monday (29 March) and they intend to fully return by 6 April and 2 April, respectively.

Honda has made the latest announcement. It now plans to shut down from Tuesday (30 March) to 9 April, meaning that manufacturing should start back up by Monday (12 April).

As for truck manufacturing, Volvo trucks stopped on 23 March and Scania on 26 March. They will return during the first week of April.

Keep in mind that some of these are tentative re-opening dates, depending on how the pandemic evolves. 


Authored by: Daniel Bland