11 Nov 18

Mexico’s AMDA pushes against illegal car imports

Mexico automotive distributors association AMDA is firmly set on eliminating illegal used car imports coming from the United States, something that has been affecting new car sales.

According to Mexico’s tax administration office SAT, at least US$500mn in illegal imports occur every year, AMDA president Guillhermo Prieto Trevino said during last week's Foro Mexico auto industry summit in Monterrey.

The import scams involve buying cars at auctions for US$400-US$500, and then installing engines and tires in them so that they can be sold at the border for US$5,000-US$6,000.

So far, according to AMDA data, efforts this year have proved to be quite impactful. While the number of used car imports was 61% of new car sales in 2013, this statistic has dropped to 10% in 2018, local business daily El Economista reported.

“We are not against legal imports. We just want to fight against illegal activity,” says Prieto.

Authored by: Daniel Bland