11 Jun 18

Mexico’s most and least depreciating cars

Although the performance and style of a vehicle are considered when making a purchase, knowing how much a certain model depreciates is key to reducing TCO. Here are the least and most devalued 2016-17 car models in Mexico.


The model depreciating less is the Suzuki S-Cross which devalues 25.8% as soon as it is taken off the lot. It is followed by Ford Fiesta at 26.1%, Nissan Tiida (26.8%), Mazda 3 (27.3%), and Honda Odyssey (27.6%), Fortune magazine said in a report. 


Those losing at least half their value once taken off the lot are Mercedes Benz class E at 55%, Audi S8 (52.2%), Buick Regal (52%), Chevrolet Traverse (51.8%), and Cadillac SRX (50.7%).

Cars lose an average of 10%/y during the first three years, the report said.


Among the factors reducing the depreciation of a vehicle are good brand reputation, reliability, lower maintenance costs, and the overall demand of a model.

Photo: Suzuki S-Cross (Source: YouTube)

Authored by: Daniel Bland