27 Apr 22

Point S automotive expanding into Brazil

Point S automotive expanding into Brazil

In partnership with Grupo ADTSA and Grupo ORLETTI, France-based multinational automotive service and tire sales company Point S is expanding its network into Brazil with a 175mn-real (US$35mn) investment calling for the opening of 200 service centers by 2027. 

Following the opening of service centers n the cities of São Paulo, Recife and Vitória this year, more facilities will be opening in the state of Ceará in 2023, namely in the cities of Fortaleza, Sobral, and Juazeiro do Norte.

Point S is quite strong in the automotive parts replacement segment and, owing to inflation in Brazil, the business of auto repairs and tires has increased 9.45% and 25.4% respectively in the country in 2021, making it a good time to invest, according to company executives.

Worldwide, Point S also has around 5,700 points of sale in 49 countries. It boasts consolidated retail sales of more than 3.5bn euros, including the sale of more than 18 million tires per year.

Photo: Point S service center in France (courtesy of Point S)



Authored by: Daniel Bland