22 Nov 21

Renault, Unidas deliver EV fleet to Brazilian retail chain

Renault motors, by way of Brazil-based vehicle leasing company Unidas, has delivered 100 units of its Kangoo E-Tech electric mini-vans to Brazilian retail chain Americanas.

To be used for last-mile deliveries in nine cities across seven states, this delivery increases the Americanas EV fleet to 500 units. The 100 vans will cut 763 tons of CO2 per year, supporting the company’s goal to completely neutralize its carbon emissions by 2025.

Using type 2 plug charging stations, the vans have a range of up to 200km. As for cargo, the vehicles can carry objects up to 2.12m long by 1.22m wide, have a total volume of 4m3 and support a 650kg of payload.

Authored by: Daniel Bland