4 Dec 23

Stellantis South America sees major exec facelift

Stellantis South America sees major exec facelift

Stellantis operations in South America has been going through a facelift in the fourth quarter of this year (2023) which involves nearly a dozen new executive appointments under six of its automotive brands.


Gustavo Azambuja now heads commercial operations for Peugeot and Citroën in the country, and Raquel Ribeiro heads Ram. While Mr. Azambuja was previously commercial director for Jeep and Ram, Ms. Ribeiro was retail business manager for Fiat.

They report to Herlander Zola who is senior VP of commercial operations for Stellantis Brazil and head of light commercial vehicle (LCV) operations in South America, local news portal Automotive Business reported.

South America

Alexandre Aquino now heads Jeep in South America (previously VP of Jeep) while Hugo Domingues heads Fiat and Abarth (previously Marketing VP for Fiat and Abarth). Meanwhile, Juliano Machado leads the Ram team.

As for Stellantis, Fabio Meira is VP of direct sales and the company’s director representing LCVs while Frederico Fialho heads Program and Product Planning, formerly focused on Cross Car Line and Project Engineering. They report to the new Stellantis South America CEO Emanuele Cappellano who assumed the position in November.

Last but not least, Erica Schwambach now heads Business Development and Synergies for Stellantis South America, a former executive for New Business and Corporate Planning. Ms. Schwambach reports to Stellantis SVP for Purchasing and Supply Chain in South America, Juliano Almeida.


Image, courtesy of Stellantis

Authored by: Daniel Bland