26 Jan 24

Tesla appoints CEO in Mexico

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla appointed Teresa Gutiérrez as CEO in Mexico, according to her LinkedIn profile.

“I am passionate about innovation, social impact, and digital transformation, and I aim to contribute to TESLA’s mission of creating a greener Latin America,” she said on her LinkedIn profile.

Gutiérrez, who replaces Françoise Lavertu, who was in charge of Tesla in Mexico since 2015, resigned last week as CEO of Mexico for Colombian delivery service firm Rappi.

Tesla has not yet published a press release regarding the appointment.

In March last year, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced that Tesla will build a factory in the city of Santa Catarina, in the state of Nuevo León, near the border with the US.

Tesla is expected to invest $5 billion in an initial phase to build its electric vehicle plant in Mexico, Martha Delgado, undersecretary for multilateral affairs and human rights at Mexico’s foreign affairs ministry, said in a radio interview in March last year.

The new plant is expected to produce about 1 million EVs each year for the Mexican market and also export them to countries in Latin America and Europe, according to Delgado.

Picture credit: image sourced from Teresa Gutiérrez's LinkedIn profile.


Authored by: Rodrigo Alonso