7 Jul 20

Toyota launches mobility solutions brand Kinto in Latin America

Toyota is rolling out its Kinto mobility solutions brand in Latin America, first to launch in Brazil and Argentina in June and soon to be in Uruguay and other countries.

Offering vehicle sharing (via rentals) and fleet management services for both individuals and corporate customers, Kinto takes over the existing car sharing services provided by the Toyota Mobility Services app launched in 2019. It will offer the entire Toyota portfolio, including the new Hybrid Corolla as well as Lexus models. Other services include those related to insurance, connected vehicles, telematics, accessories, and valet. 

The company also intends to launch "Kinto One" later this year, specifically targeted as a corporate fleet management solution for the safe and efficient movement of employees and goods.

For more on Kinto and its overall plan to provide mobility services around the world, read this week's interview with Toyota mobility executive Patricia Niehaus

photo: source (Shutterstock)

Authored by: Daniel Bland