7 May 19

VW to launch six electrified vehicles in Brazil

Volkswagen is planning to launch six electrified vehicles in Brazil by 2023, according to local news service UOL.

The first will be the 1.4 turbo Golf GTE hatchback plug-in hybrid (pictured) which was featured at the São Paulo auto show.

To start selling in the second semester of this year, it has a 150hp combustion engine and a 102hp electric motor, capable of a range of 50km on batteries alone or 880km in hybrid mode. It should be priced somewhere between 155,000 and 175,000 reais (US$39,700-US$44,800).

Other vehicles which could be arriving to the country in the next five years are the full-electric e-Golf, e-Up, and e-ID models (all hatchbacks), as well as the Passat GTE hybrid (sedan) and Tiguan hybrid (SUV).

Authored by: Daniel Bland