3 Sep 19

Fleet LatAm Conference to address vehicle fleet selection in Latin America

Finding the right type of vehicles for your fleet and selecting the most appropriate car manufacturer(s) depends on a variety of factors, both internal and external. This is one of the topics to be discussed during the many sessions scheduled at Fleet LatAm Conference 2019.


A round-table discussion with three key OEM executives will take place, counting on the expertise of Volvo Cars Managing Director (Mexico) Raymundo Cavazos, Volkswagen Fleet & Distribution Manager (Mexico) Angelica Martinez, and Jean-Michel Ferrand who is Renault Sales & Client Satisfaction Director (Latin America) and a Fleet LatAm advisory board member.

The session, entitled “Insight into fleet sales and the fleet organization of car manufactures” will be monitored by Fleet LatAm Editor and advisory board member Daniel Bland.


some of the Fleet LatAm advisory board members and collaborators met up at Global Fleet Conference 2019 in Miami (source: Fleet LatAm)

As for the internal factors to be discussed, key criteria under corporate vehicle policy will be covered, considering issues such as vehicle characteristics, driver profile, and company objectives. Market specifics and trends related to powertrain, connectivity, and safety equipment are among the topics.


In terms of vehicles, those that optimize driver safety are sought after, as well as models that are fuel efficient and have less impact on the environment. Building your fleet is also affected by the type of people driving your vehicles. Are they executives, technicians, salespeople, or other?


Overall, fleet managers must know how to keep their fleet policy in-line with company objectives.


Among the external factors affecting vehicle selection is the geographical scope of your fleet, being coverage area (e.g. local, national, regional, global) and the type of terrain and environmental conditions to be faced.

Finally, car manufacture offerings such as distribution network, fleet services, post-sales support, and overall organization of OEMs need to be considered, all of which will be addressed during the roundtable.

Following a Welcome, Keynote, and Cocktail Reception on 23 September, this session will be one of ten scheduled on 24 September. Fleet LatAm Conference will be followed by Fleet LatAm Training on 25 September, a full-day of training for fleet managers and procurement experts.


Both the Conference and Training are being held at the JW Marriott in Mexico City. Register now, and see you there!



Authored by: Daniel Bland