5 Feb 19

Renault's Jean-Michel Ferrand, new Fleet LatAm advisory board member

Fleet Latam is happy to welcome the fourth OEM executive to its advisory board, being Jean-Michel Ferrand who is Sales and Client Satisfaction Director for Renault in Latin America.
Responsible for Central and South America as well as Mexico, Mr. Ferrand is currently based out of São Paulo Brazil. He formerly worked in Argentina and Colombia, the company's second and third largest market in the region.
"For us, our top three markets in terms of volume are Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, in that order," says Ferrand, explaining that the company's market share in these countries are 9%, 15%, and 20% respectively. In 2018, approximately 215,000 units were sold in Brazil, 107,500 in Argentina, and 50,000 in Colombia. 
"As for the advisory board, I am expecting to acquire important market information, and at the same time, will be offering knowledge from Renault which I feel will be useful to the rest of the group. I think that this collaboration of professionals will give us a chance to really learn from each other," says the executive.
In Latin America, Renault has factories in Brazil's Parana state (São José dos Pinhais city just southeast of state capital Curitiba), Argentina's Córdoba province capital city of Córdoba, and the city of Envigado in Colombia's Antioquia department.
The company's most dominant presence - in terms of market share - is Colombia where its subcompact hatch Sandero is the top selling car model. More than 21,300 units were sold in the country in 2018.

Renault factory in Brazil (source: Renault)
Authored by: Daniel Bland