16 Apr 18

Argentina commercial pickup sales led by Toyota Hilux

Toyota is making waves in Argentina with its Hilux pickup leading the commercial vehicle pack and its Etios competing for the best-selling car for the private market.

As for commercial vehicles, the country’s top seller in the first 10 months of last year was the Toyota Hilux with sales up 15% for the year. It was followed by Ford Ranger (up 5.2%), Renault Kangoo (up 72.3%), Volkswagen Amarok (up 7.7%), and Peugeot Partner (up 11.3%).

The trend continued as the Hilux was the second best-selling model in February of this year with 2,644 sold. Etios was No. 1 with 2,676 sold and the Volkswagen Gol was just behind the Hilux with 2,635 units.

The Toyota Hilux was Latin America’s sixth most sold model last year with 124,842 units leaving showrooms.

Photo: Toyota Hilux (SOURCE: Commons)


Authored by: Daniel Bland