17 May 18

Chile sees best vehicle sales in years

New vehicle sales in Chile has been quite robust so far this year, with January-April sales up 26.7% year-over-year to 133,574 units. 

According to national automotive association ANAC, the result is even better than the 122,491 units sold in the first four months of 2013, a year considered to be good for the country. That year, more than 378,000 units were sold overall, so this year’s result could even top 400,000.

The best-selling brand in the four-month period was Chevrolet which sold 11,799 units, equivalent to 8.8% of the market. It was followed by Suzuki with 10,850 units and Hyundai with 10,495 units.

The good performance is due to a positive perception of the economy, the idea that April is the best month to buy a new car in Chile, a large number of financing offers, and the implementation of new vehicular restriction which affects catalytic converters, says ANAC.

Authored by: Daniel Bland