19 May 21

Global Fleet launches Wikifleet Canada, the land of pickups?

Canada remains one of the pickup truck meccas of the world, especially in rural areas much like its neighbor to the South, the United States. However, there are two vehicle models making their mark in the country which do not fit this mold and which ones are they?

In 2020, the best-selling brand in the country was Ford of which 232,194 units were sold, followed by Toyota (196,882 units), Honda (146,582), Hyundai (133,059), and Chevrolet (111,741). A vast majority of the top selling models were pickup trucks, according to Global Fleet’s Canada Wikifleet page launched this month.

Ruling the roost for an impressive 40 years in a row was the Ford F-Series which saw 128,649 pickups sold, followed by RAM pickup with 83,672 units. The remaining top five were Toyota RAV 4, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMS Sierra. All but the RAV 4 (a compact SUV) are pickups. 

2021 Toyota RAV 4 (source: Toyota)

A total of 1.55 million vehicles were sold in Canada in 2020, down 20% year-over-year, mostly due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and correlating shutdowns.

Commercial Fleet Market

The fleet market was not much different as pickups represented most of the top selling models (more than 36% are large pickups).

Leading in pickup sales was Ford, followed by General Motors, FCA, Hyundai/Kia, and Toyota. A total of 23,070 Ford F-150 trucks were sold, significantly ahead of the No. 2 model which was the Chevrolet Silverado with 8,267 units.

2021 Ford F-150 (source: Ford)

Rounding up the top five were RAM 1500, Dodge Caravan, and Ford F-350. All but the Caravan (a van) are pickups. While most (56.4%) were classified as corporate commercial vehicles, 36.4% represented the rental market and 7.2% government, according to the Wikifleet page.

2021 Dodge Caravan (source: Dodge)

Meanwhile, some of the best-selling fleet brands which were cars included Toyota, Kia, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Subaru. Most of them (45.9%) are compact cars.

As for the top selling models, they were Kia Forte, Toyota Corolla, Hundai Elandra, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion. Rentals lead with 54.4% of the market, corporate commercial (41.7%) and government (3.8%).

This is just a taste of the new Wikifleet page which features more than 10 chapters on a variety of topics, including economy, powertrain, environment, mobility, vehicle profile data and others.

For more information on Canada and other countries, visit Wikifleet, a collaborative effort by the Global Fleet team covering five regions and nearly 50 countries around the world.

Authored by: Daniel Bland