5 Jul 23

Vehicle sales particularities in North America

Despite the United States and Canada being very close in vehicle model selection, it looks like the pickup and SUV segment is slightly more popular in Canada whereas sedans have an edge in the US if you consider the top 10 models selling in the countries. 

Although Mexico is part of the North American market, we will be looking at the countries up north just to point out their slight differences. 

While the Top 5 selling models in the US in 2023 were the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram Pick-Up, Toyota RAV4, and Tesla Model Y, the top five up north were the Ford F-Series, Ram Pick-Up, Toyota RAV4, GMC Sierra, and Chevrolet Silverado.

This leaves the US with three pickup models in the top five and Canada with four, the difference being the Sierra coming in at No. 4 in Canada while it is No. 9 in the US. 

2023 GMC Sierra (courtesy of GMC)

Wrapping up the top 10 in the US are the Nissan Rogue, Honda CRV, Toyota Camry, GMC Sierra, and Tesla Model 3, while in Canada they were the Honda CR-V, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Tucson, Jeep Wrangler, and Toyota Corolla.

Besides more participation in the electric vehicle (EV) market, the US shows two sedans and Canada one, mainly due to the Camry coming in at No. 8 in the US and the Model 3 which is not in the Canada top 10.

Worth noting in Canada is the RAV4 climbing two spots to No. 3, along with the Rogue jumping nine spots to No. 6 and the Tucson climbing seven spots to reach No. 7.

In the US, one of the main differences is the presence of Tesla with the Model Y jumping 13 spots to reach the top 5 and the Model 3 also making it into the top 10. Another interesting model on the rise is the Chevrolet Trailblazer (ranked 38) which saw sales up 152% to 28,552 units. 

In the end, we can say that these countries are very similar with the exception of less EV adoption seen in Canada. This is likely due to less EV range (+/- 20%) in colder weather conditions owing to reduced regenerative braking capacity and addition power requirements.

In cold and snowy conditions, consider an all-wheel drive model to achieve better performance. 

Top 10 vehicle sales, USA and Canada 2023


United States



Ford F-Series 310,538 units (+28.5% y-o-y)

Ford F-Series 42,644 units (+6.8% y-o-y)


Chevrolet Silverado 220,629 (+2.4%)

Ram Pick-Up 32,803 (-1.4%)


Ram Pick-Up 183,027 sales (-11.2%)

Toyota RAV4 31,252 (+36.0%)


Toyota RAV4 148,767 (-11.3%)

GMC Sierra 26,719 (+12.6%)


Tesla Model Y 147,669 (+105.6%)

Chevrolet Silverado 23,927 (-1.8%)


Nissan Rogue 132,900 (+80.3%)

Honda CRV 18,270 (+33.9%)


Honda CRV 132,538 (+41.4%)

Nissan Rogue 11,372 (+43.5%)


Toyota Camry 122,036 (+8.3%)

Hyundai Tucson 10,634 (+28.8%)


GMC Sierra 116,742 (+18.6%)

Jeep Wrangler 9,618 (-16.0%)


Tesla Model 3 109,449 (-26.7%)

Toyota Corolla 9,335 (-18.0%)

                                 source: Focus2Move

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Authored by: Daniel Bland